bright colors & co.

Hi, I'm Az! I draw and design things as a hobby.
I love drawing all sorts of characters.

This website primarily contains information about my illustration rates,
for graphic design inquiries please feel free to view my portfolio and reach out via email, discord or instagram!

The best way to contact me is through a discord PM. My timezone is GMT+7, apologies in advance if I reply at odd hours. Thank you for your understanding.


TypeRangeExtra Details Fee
Chibi Icons$20-$30+$10
Simple Flat color$50-$80+$30

  • Commissions are typically done within 2-3 weeks after payment & rough sketch, unless stated otherwise or an unexpected situation happens.

  • Free revisions before render, but please be considerate. I will NOT accept major revisions like pose changes after the base color/lineart stage.

  • No refunds after you have approved the sketch, unless I state otherwise.

  • Do NOT omit my watermark/signature.

  • As an artist, I retain rights to the artwork produced.

  • Payment most preferably by PayPal (USD), or local bank transfer (BCA) if you happen to be Indonesian.